Preston Gilbert & Sullivan Society

The Sorcerer

January 2007

Musical Numbers




ACT 1: Scene - Exterior of Sir Marmaduke's Elizabethan Mansion sometime during the 1930s or 1940s


1. CHORUS - "Ring forth, ye Bells"

2. RECITATIVE (Mrs. Partlet and Constance)

2a. ARIA (Constance) - "When He is Here"

3. RECITATIVE (Dr. Daly)

3a. BALLAD (Dr. Daly) - "Time was, when Love and I were well acquainted"

4. RECITATIVE and MINUET (Sir Marmaduke, Dr. Daly and Alexis)

5. CHORUS OF GIRLS - "With Heart and with Voice"


6a. ARIA (Aline) - "Happy young Heart"

7. RECITATIVE (Lady Sangazure)

8. CHORUS OF MEN - "With Heart and with Voice"

9. DUET (Lady Sangazure and Sir Marmaduke)

10. ENSEMBLE (Aline, Alexis, Lawyer and Chorus) - "All is prepared"

11. BALLAD (Alexis) - "For Love Alone"

12. SONG (Mr. Wells) - "My name is John Wellington Wells"

13. INCANTATION (Aline, Alexis, Mr. Wells and Chorus)

14. FINALE - "Now to the Banquet we Press"


Interval of 15 minutes during which the raffle will be drawn


ACT 2: Scene - Exterior of Sir Marmaduke's mansion by moonlight


15. TRIO (Aline, Alexis, Mr. Wells) and CHORUS

16. ENSEMBLE (Constance, Notary, Aline, Alexis and Chorus)

17. BALLAD (Alexis) - "It is not Love"

18. QUINTET (Aline, Mrs. Partlet, Alexis, Dr. Daly and Sir Marmaduke)

19. RECITATIVE and DUET (Lady Sangazure and Mr. Wells)

20. RECITATIVE and AIR (Aline)

21. SONG (Dr. Daly) - "Engaged to So-and-so"

22. ENSEMBLE (Aline, Alexis, Dr. Daly and Chorus)

23. RECITATIVE (Alexis)



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