Preston Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Yeomen of the Guard

January 2006

Cast List


Sir Richard Cholmondeley (Lieutenant of the Tower) – Philip Walsh

Colonel Fairfax (under sentence of death) – Andrew Lyons

Sergeant Meryll (of the Yeomen of the Guard) – Martin Cassell

Leonard Meryll (his Son) – John Sangster

Jack Point (a Strolling Jester) – Robert Feeley

Wilfred Shadbolt (Head Jailor and Assistant Tormentor) – Arthur Baines

Headsman - Daniel Murphy

Headsman (last night at Lytham) - Derrick Hurrell

First Yeoman – Michael Wright

Second Yeoman – Edward Crosby

First Citizen - David Hughes

Second Citizen - Irvine Bell

Elsie Maynard (a Strolling Singer) – Katy Bradley

Elsie Maynard (last night at Lytham) – Joan Marshall

Phoebe Meryll (Sergeant Meryll’s Daughter) – Margaret Cunliffe

Dame Carruthers (Housekeeper to the Tower) – Una Bird

Kate (her Niece) – Joan Marshall

Kate (last night at Lytham) – Angela Lea


Members of the Chorus - Ethel Barker, Irvine Bell, Ann Cooper, Jim Cousins, Ann Crook, Janet Dawson, Gerry Duffy, Neil Emmett, Merle Gray, Jackie Hayes, Christine Hunter Hughes, David Hughes, Kathleen Hunt, Derrick Hurrell, William Huxham, Angela Lea, Philip McLaughlin, Jenny Miller, Doreen O'Malley, Anne Price, David Tuke, David Walmsley, Theresa Walmsley, Barbara Walsh and Ann Whalley

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